Dance Tango in the milongas. Third Part: Fundamental Concepts

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Before starting to tell you about my experience, I want to let you know which is for me the essence of tango.

As everyone dances in different ways and have different objectives for the dance, there are different concepts of the essence of tango.

In regard to me, I created a phrase entitled “The Majesties of tango”, which I repeat every time I can as many teachers and dancers in their schools, practices and milongas. That makes me feel honored.

 The Majesties of the dancing tango are:

The prince is the EMBRACE, the princess is the IMPROVISATION.

The queen is the MUSICALITY and the king is the FEELING.

I will not finish this definition here, because I think that although you intuit it, you should know exactly why I've put these entities in a monarchy.


We are human beings, the embrace belongs to us. When we meet with a beloved relative, a friend or someone we care for, we hug one another. When we are sad, someone comforts us with a hug. If overflowed with joy, as when our favorite team has marked a much, if we got a prize, we graduated or many other happy moments, the embrace is present. We show our love for children and parents in an embrace. When we fall in love we demonstrate it not only with kisses, but also with an embrace. We even embrace our pets for the love we have for them.

In short, the embrace is our way of contact – for transmitting and receiving –the most important human feelings.

With the embrace we communicate. While dancing tango, the embrace is present and most of the dancers are attentive to it.

It doesn’t come to my mind, or I do not want to find out that there is such a long embrace in any situation of the life as the 12 minutes of a tanda.



There are two reasons why I have made it the princess.

We all know and is worldwide said that tango dancing is sensual, not only because of the embrace and the contact of the two dancing bodies, but also because of the improvisation. This is essentially part of the human kind.

In social life, woman memory works more with the emotions of the moments than for what is tangible. So when a woman is pleasantly surprised, it will be memorable for her. If it happens repeatedly with the same man, it can become unforgettable. She will be seduced by these emotions as she will start feeling admiration.

In the dance of tango it occurs alike. When man surprises the woman during dancing, either with movements, steps, embrace, touch, women will remember that dance and the dancer.

Improvisation should be well done and in harmony with the music, when it does, the woman will perceive and receive it pleasantly surprised.

The way we have to repeat these surprises is improvising different dance movements to break our routine. This way the lady is seduced by the dance. Her face expression changes, the embrace gets stronger, and her gesture is more open to the partner.

A botched improvisation produces the opposite effect.

Also, with improvisation we must take care of the lady. When we see a possible collision with another couple on the dance floor we improvise a change of direction. Through improvisation we can dominate the dancefloor and our dance space.

Many of my friends which are experienced dancers and I do not receive the improvisation by the lady pleasantly. "She dances alone" man might say. There are cuts in our dance and mainly in the connection. The worst feeling comes when these “independent improvisation” comes outside of the beats of the music.

These are my reasons why I made improvisation as one of the majesties of tango.


It is not a property of tango dancing. It belongs to all dances.

As humans belong to nature, the same nature that we look for in our vacation. We enjoy it and its harmony.

To move and to step with the rhythm produces the harmony we naturally perceive. We like it. It seduces us.

In short, for any rhythm, but mainly for the tango, the music is one of the majesties. Dancing outside the beats would be just a display of personal skills.

I'm shooting to show four sorts of musicality exhibited by a great tango musician. I consider it useful for everyone.

A century ago Discepolo said that “Tango is a feeling that is danced.”
This I cannot describe much. Feelings are indescribable. We only feel it, each of us in a different way.
As I said before, it's hard to describe a feeling, as well as explain a color to a blind person.
With the unmistakable body language, the shape of the embrace, the surprises while improvising, care and containment to the lady and the contact of bodies, each person transmits and receives different feelings.
When one becomes expert in identifying and feeling it, I can assure it is sublime as it becomes a constant search for different feelings in every circumstance, in every milonga. Here lies, to me, the great magic of tango.
In my next installment will be the basis on how to achieve this feeling,
By Engineer. Carlos Neuman  . Reproduction and translation are authorized, mentioning author and source

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